Can you build [some feature that you want]?

Maybe! We have enough to build for years, but the best way to get things you need to be prioritized is to discuss them with us. If we can understand the problem,  how to best solve it, and users ask about it, it is more likely to come higher up on the prioritization queue.

Write us an e-mail or join our Slack community.

Do you have a self-hosting alternative?

We currently do not. But check the question above.

Do you have an API?

We are experimenting with an API based on GraphQL. Please contact us and describe your use-case so that we know what API to build. See the first question.

How does Kitemaker compare against Jira/Trello/Notion/Linear/etc.?

None of these tools are built for modern cross-functional product teams, and most of them are built for feature factories. We will go as far as to say most of them tries to prevent you from working in a way that will optimize the value you provide your users and customers.

Check out a good article about product teams vs feature team  by Marty Cagan here.

But, it's about the process and the tool doesn't matter right?

It is all about the process. But any good productivity tool should make you and your team better. If you think the tool doesn't matter, then you are probably not using great tools.

I work in a feature factory, does it make sense for us to use Kitemaker?

Of course! We think any team would benefit from Kitemaker, and most likely the structure fits better with how you work already.

That said, the journey from feature factory to a product team is long but worthwhile. The best first step is to start thinking like a product team and prove your managers that you are up for the task.

John Cutler made an excellent infographic explaining the different types of teams, and Jason Yip wrote an interesting response about how teams work in Spotify.

How much does Kitemaker cost?

You can find our prices on our landing page here.

Can you help us set up Kitemaker?

Yes! Ping us, and we'll do our best to give you a smooth onboarding!

Can you help us in setting up the best process for our team?

Ping us, and we'll do our best to give you advice or guidance.

How do I know you'll be around in X years?

You don't, but you don't know that about any other solution either. We're backed by some awesome investors, and we're running a lean operation, so we'll be around for a few years.

We'll help all our users to migrate to other solutions if we ever come in the position where we will no longer support the current product.