Making teams tick

Over the past few decades, building software has shifted from pioneers exploring new technologies to corporate functions and factories. While the pioneers were fantasizing about the future, development methodologies collided with business and corporates, and created many practices that don't align with innovation, creativity, and high performing teams.

Kitemaker is about recreating the garages of the early days of personal computers. To get rid of burndown charts, timeline roadmaps, information silos, and top-down management. Kitemaker is about focusing on innovation, caring about the product and user, and using the creative power of highly skilled product developers to the fullest. Great products have to start with a skilled, collaborative team, and not quarterly roadmaps and board-level strategy presentations.
Whenever we consider a change or a new feature in Kitemaker our primary question is whether this will be valuable for the team members. We believe we should help teams foster better collaboration, and allow them to adapt and iterate on sound product development principles. Our motivation is helping teams succeed not managers control.
If you are a team looking for a new tool, a breath of fresh air, and something different to help you build your product, Kitemaker is for you.