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Why use Kitemaker?

Fast and delightful

In Kitemaker, you'll experience <100ms response times, hotkeys for everything, dark mode, Kitemaker command, list view, board view, filters and more.

Everything wrapped up in a clean, simple, powerful, and easy to use design.


Kitemaker makes it easy for designers, coders, and anyone else on the team to collaborate. Every issue is a collaborative document and an activity feed, making it easy to plan, discuss, and follow every issue.

With Github and Figma integrations, keeping track of activities across tools has never been easier.

Impact focused

Kitemaker has themes, outcome based roadmaps, customizable workflows, labels, effort & impact sizes, and more. Serving your needs from planning, to shipping, and all the way to user impact.

We believe in hiding complexity, so we only show you the properties you use and make it easy to find the rest when you need them.

Powerful integrations

Not only does Kitemaker let you do automation based on Github commits and PRs, but nothing will fall through the cracks as we'll keep you updated.
Embed your designs directly in Kitemaker.
Coming soon: You'll never miss a relevant discussion again, Kitemaker will keep you in the loop.
Easily link discussions in Slack with issues. Create and update issues using our Slack slash command. Coming soon: Join the discussions without leaving Kitemaker, and keep track of all activities in Slack.
Easily link discussions in Discord with issues. Create and update issues using our !km command.

Get up and running in seconds

You can get started with Kitemaker by importing all your issues, discussions, labels, assignees, archives and history from your existing tools
Coming soon



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