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Kitemaker is the super-fast issue tracker that makes teams better, faster, and happier.

Closer collaboration

Teams using Kitemaker improve collaboration through keeping discussions and decisions together with tasks and plans.

Everyone on-track

With a super-fast board to keep track of all your issues, as well as a built in roadmap and themes (epics), Kitemaker is the one place where the team stays up to date on progress and plans.

Powerful integrations

Not only does Kitemaker let you do automation based on Github commits and PRs, but nothing will fall through the cracks as we'll keep you updated.
Embed your design directly in Kitemaker.
Coming soon: You'll never miss a relevant discussion again, Kitemaker will keep you in the loop.

Get up and running in seconds

You can get started with Kitemaker by importing all your issues, discussions, labels, assignees, archives and history from your existing tools
Coming soon


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